Our development philosophy is simple: Start to think from business domain to reach a solution. We use and practise best architectural development methods to reach out the solution for a business problem. We also combine software engineering methodologies to keep ourselves fast paced in delivering a solution. We have experience with numerous server-side and client side technologies, allowing us to transform an existing applications in a timely fashion. We do have a research division investing heavily on various bleeding edge technologies such as block chain, machine learning, business intelligence & analytics, IoT and IIoT.


We are in the process of developing an e-wallet platform that integrates loyalty program and payment solution into a single platform. This will not only allow customers to more effectively use their loyalty points but also in making the payment seamless. Advanced data analytics would not only provide customers an excellent understanding of their own spend but also for the merchants to better understand the spending pattern of their customers to provide better and tailored promotions.

Apart from developing the product in the space, we also offer Fintech consultancy based on our experience gained in the domain.

Fashion And Retail

An Inventory Management System combines usage of web application, barcode scanners,barcode printers and mobile devices to streamline the management of various inventory(e.g.Goods, consumables, supplies, stocks etc)

We do have expertise in the domain which would help the business spend less time on inventory stock control as well as by providing leading edge technologies in building a comprehensive environment which would help organizations meet business objectives.

Mobile Development

Cutting-Edge React Native Development
React Native is the future of hybrid mobile apps - a JavaScript code library. It helps you create local applications in JavaScript while as yet tending to a genuine local UI, empowering reuse of code over the web and mobile. Offshore React JS programmers create applications in React Native that have a comparable UI as that of Android and iOS App. We have been making perfect work of art React Native Apps. React JS is a single innovation to convey your item on Android and iOS stages all the while. Additionally, a solitary React Native code is usable for both iOS and android flawlessly that sets aside a considerable measure of development time.

Native Android & iOS Application Development
We utilize Swift to build apps, tools and user experiences for the iOS platform including all versions and screen sizes of iPhone and iPad.We leverage cutting edge technology, security and cloud services to develop the Android App. Our expertise in using JAVA can help create an app for Android that is robust and easily scalable.

cFactor Computing can help develop strategies to attract, interact and transact with your customers, recommending the right solutions to deliver results for your needs and budgetary requirements.

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