Hermes is a market place integration platform which will help a retailer/seller list and sell his products in various online market places. The platform is capable of integrating with various warehouses so that when an order comes in, it is promptly communicated to the fulfilment provider. The system also provides analytic insights and reports which will enable the retailer/seller to improve his sales in various market places. The user will be able to list his products in a market place seamlessly allowing them to expand the customer base and reach of the product with an online presence. Hermes also connect with warehouses/shipment providers so that orders from customers can be managed. The platform will help in automating the end to end workflow of any product through online market places. The system provides a single entry point for the user to integrate with various online market places and handle the product's order processing workflow. This reduces the manual effort for the user for pushing the product to various market places connecting providers individually.

The whole process works in the following manner.

  • User uploads data to the platform
  • User Choose accounts/market places to push data
  • User send data to market places
  • Platform polls & Receives order information
  • Platform Sends shipping information and order confirmation
  • Platform provides Reports and Analytics