Mynt is a loyalty & payment platform that enables merchants to roll out loyalty programs instantly. Mynt offers a hassle free way to receive payments from customers. One stop solutions for all your payment and loyalty hassles. Mynt is a loyalty & payment platform that enables merchants to roll out loyalty programs instantly. Mynt offers a hassle free way to receive payments from customers. Mynt provides a one stop solution for all loyalty and payment hassles. Available as a mobile application (for business and end users) and web dashboard (exclusively for business users), the Mynt platform is an easy to use, highly configurable system that gives you useful reports and analytic insights which enables you to make timely decisions in achieving business objectives. Mynt is an enterprise software that is scalable, robust and performs consistently well over time. As a fundamental part of your loyalty management system, it will improve your organization's ability to attract and retain customers efficiently and meet your unique business needs through its customizable suite of loyalty programs that support:

  • Effective customer engagement and retention
  • Up selling and cross selling opportunities
  • Customer referral campaigns
  • Effective daily dashboards & customized analytical reports
  • Decision making based on analytics
  • Referrals and redemption management, Loyalty Category Creation : Gold/Platinum etc


Mynt Loyalty & payment platform was designed to resolve the key concerns faced in a typical loyalty like the ones below.


From the brick and mortar to the online e-commerce stores, the need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of retailing and consumer behavior is by using all platforms of communication to reach the customer. This will help the industry to accurately track real-time data and analyze the tendencies of a single shopper. The platform is capable of extending its functionality to any level, including online, mobile shopping and physical shopping through stores.

Single-view and cloud solutions

In today’s world, where online experiences are based on fast-paced interactions, push emails and mass campaigns have become obsolete. Most customers’ tendency is to delete promotional e-mailers. In a mobile-first world, tracking transactional and behavioral data will emerge as a game-changer. The platform has a built in analytics engine that processes the end user's behavioral data to provide useful insights for the store. This includes but not limited to

  • Loyalty coin movement trends
  • Location wise analytics
  • Promotion offers usage analytics
  • App adoption analytics
  • Customer behavior insights

Partnerships between brands

Data analytics prove that brands who are in the process of developing agile systems to track social media conversations. Counting the number of visitors to a website or the number of likes, followers, and favorites now come in the ‘old methods’ list. This is the point where big data analytics and partnerships step in. It will help in bringing brands closer to the customer through various loyalty programs while building a better and more effective communication channel for the customer. With the unique concept of Loyalty coins, the platform gives flexibility of usage by adding a direct currency value to each coin which can be shared across stores to give more value to the customers, bringing an opportunity to gain and retain consumers.

Personalized exclusivity

With a multi-channel approach towards marketing to customers, brands have to focus on the bigger picture. Research and thorough tracking of social media content will help in targeting the customer seamlessly by avoiding unnecessary promotional messages and mass campaigns. The platforms notification framework offers various options to create and notify promotional offers exclusively for selected end users based on business needs.

Customer retention

Every individual shopper wants personal recognition. While loyalty programs offer rewards to existing customers the challenge is the acquisition of new customers. Innovation in content is the key to retaining and acquiring customer. With its unique features, the platform helps in acquiring customers faster than before.