Etch is a product (like T-Shirt) designing platform which will be hosted in the cloud. The software will allow designers to upload their design and superimpose the design on various products. The completed products will be pushed to various Market places like Amazon, Fruugo etc, through the platform developed by us TTMP. TTMP also takes care of pushing successful orders from the Market places to fulfillment partners.

TTMP (Tap the Marketplace) is an integration platform which sells your products on multiple online marketplaces easily and seamlessly. It is a simple to use, scalable solution, that readily connects your store to numerous marketplaces, offering you the opportunity of selling products in the busiest markets in the world. The user will be able to list his products in a market place seamlessly allowing them to expand the customer base and reach of the product with an online presence. TTMP also connect with warehouses/shipment providers so that orders from customers can be managed. The platform will help in automating the end to end workflow of any product through online market places. The system provides a single entry point for the user to integrate with various online market places and handle the product's order processing workflow. This reduces the manual effort for the user for pushing the product to various market places connecting providers individually.


Europa is a club event management app which can be used to administer & manage events hosted on various clubs. This includes the management of the club information, its members, various projects that can be created and events that can occur within each project.


CENSEO is a Warehouse Management Platform. It provides an easy and simple to use user interface that lets you configure your warehouse and manage your inventory seamlessly and accurately .This web-based application gives you useful reports and analytic insights which enables you to make timely decisions regarding your inventory. CENSEO is an enterprise software that is scalable, robust, and performs consistently well over time. As a fundamental part of your inventory /warehouse management system , it will improve your organization 's productivity and efficiency and meet your unique organizational needs through its customizable suite of programs.